anyone know the cost to replace a zipper pull for a speedy?

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  1. hey..a seller is selling this multicolore speedy but its missing the zipper pull..does anyone know how much it would be to get it replaced? Like if the bid ends for 800..and if i have to pay an extra 150 (my friend said it might be around there)..and also, is there a way to avoid custom fees lol..thanks!
  2. Hi - Call 1-866-vuitton and ask about the zipper pull - they'll give you an estimate (just tell them yours broke - not that you're buying from eBay).
    Customs - one thing that can help is to get the seller to write 'used' on the customs form. I would not recommend having them insure it for a ssmaller value because if anything happens you're screwed.
    Also - I don't know where you are but if you get it shipped through regular mail customs will be a lot less. DON'T use UPS or FED-EX - you'll have to pay A LOT!