Anyone know the color difference??

  1. What is the difference in color between "muscade" and "nutmeg?" Are they different seasons? :shrugs: Does anyone have any pics of these to compare? I have whiskey from '06 in several different style paddys, and the browns from '05 and '06, and I'd like to know how these compare.:yes:
  2. Muscade is nutmeg. This color came out last year for the first time. I think it's a great Paddy color, different from Whiskey, which is great, too. It is a medium sort of cognacish brown. There was another color that was called hazel or hazelnut in the US that was used for silverado bags. It's lighter and different.
  3. Thank you rollergirl:smile::heart: I just bought the medium nutmeg paddy on NAP. I've been watching it for a while, and couldn't resist. I had a feeling it was the same as the muscade, but with Chloe, you never know! They change color names constantly!! :shrugs: My daughter just bought the medium paddy at Neiman Marcus (Chicago) in a color called "royal" which to me, looks almost like my Blue Nuit from '05...I think that the "royal" is a bit brighter. The interesting thing is that this handbag, although new in '07 in "royal" looks and feels like the same squishy, buttery leather from '05! I hope this is a "portend" of things to come. Does anyone know if they are going back to the '05 leather?? :yes: Wow, that would be great! But then I heard that for fall '07, they weren't showing any paddys!! :cursing: Does anyone have any info on that?
  4. I saw a royal blue Paddy last week, and thought it was really a pretty color. It is so different and so much brighter than bleu nuit or navy. I haven't seen the other new bags for summer, like the sort of crackly looking metallic gold. I think there is just some variation in bags, not a conscious decision to return to old leather or anything. I kind of wonder if Paddy will survive the new designer. The SA's at Chloe keep saying it's time for a change, but I guess it's hard to stop making a bag that's selling. Love the muscade!
  5. I am so pleased you asked that, I am thinking extactly the same.

    In one of the showcase pics, someone is showing a pic of them carrying the colour of bag I am looking for, but, I cant find the original post.

    And then there is taupe. :smile:
  6. "Muscade" is the French word for "Nutmeg".

    And I've just bought one from a lovely PFer "ilove2shop"!! :wlae:

    Now I am left with having to sell the Tan I bought last week - before this Muscade beauty came up :wtf:

    This place is bad for my health!
  7. Yep, you are exactly right. I ordered the "nutmeg" on NAP and when it arrived, I looked at the tag and the color said "muscade." This is so typically Chloe! :yes: It's a gorgeous color, I really love it. :heart: This brown is unlike either the whiskey, which also had another french name, eucriel or something close to that (my spelling sucks), or the chocolate browns from '05 and '06. It's a rich, medium true brown without any orangey or red tones. Very, very pretty. I bought it because I really think that the paddys will be ending soon and I will be sorry if I don't get this color now. :graucho: It goes with everything, a true neutral. :wlae:
  8. ^^^ This makes me even more excited about my Muscade arriving soon :yahoo:
  9. Muscade is a great color, and the leather on all the Paddies I've seen in this color is really soft. I love mine!
  10. Show us! Where's the pic?! :yes:
  11. Here is muscade aka nutmeg, and muscade with whiskey.

  12. AHhhhh - so beautiful! I think I might actually like the muscade better because of its versatility.
  13. Thankyou rollergirl, your bags are gorgeous! I am so excited to be getting the Muscade and love seeing pics of it. Reassures me I've made the right choice when I see it again from different angles/light conditions etc.

    Tis part of my cunning scheme to get people who have the Muscade to post their pics of it - for my greedy eyes to feast upon the beauty of the colour.:drool:

    I am evil incarnate :graucho:

  14. Hi gals, I have just bought my first Chloe bag today.:yahoo::yahoo:from the Nap website i am so happy. The colour is the nutmeg paddington so I am glad it is is a true neutral.