ANYONE KNOW? Suhali: L'extravagant? L'affriolant?

  1. L'extravagant costs somewhere between 4K-5K. I would love to see a picture of someone with it!
  2. I've seen the 2nd one on Don't know the price though.
  3. L'extravagant is £2570 (~$4775US) and L'Affriolant is £1220 (~$2266US)
  4. The first one used to be sold on eluxury also. I'm not sure why it isn't anymore.
  5. Extravagant was $4,800, but prices have gone up twice since I did a screen shot.
  6. the LE is $4.9k and it will go up on June first! I want one sooo bad! if I can save up I am buying a black one. It's going to be discontinued soon :sad:
  7. I LOVE the hobo shape of the L' Affriolant. They're very rare to see on eBay as well. I keep telling addictedtolv that I will start in with Suhali once I turn 30 in five years! :graucho:
  8. It is?!?!?! God I want one but it's not on the top of my list- I might have to move it up now. But then I won't be able to get the Tobago Keepall- why me? :cry: lol I need to get over myself
  9. Fabluse.
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