Anyone know Styledrops???

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  1. Hi, I'm trying to find an authentic Prada or Versace bag, and the internetstore Styledrops sounds serious, does anyone know styledrops???
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  2. for example in this picture, the Prada sign is placed in the linning, isn't that fake?
  3. No fakes at Styledrops and the picture you posted is how Prada is marking lots of their bags now. My only complaint about Styledrops is their prices are too high, but if there's a particular bag you want and it's sold out everywhere then it's worth the money to shop there.

    No worries!
  4. Thank you, it's really nice to know. The websites that clearly is for real doesn't have many Prada bags, do you know any good places to shop designer bags?
  5. Please do a search prior to posting a website please, that website is inquired about on a daily basis.
    Also, all authenticity questions need to be asked in the Authenciate This! stickies we provide in each Forum.
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