Anyone know someone who can validate fake Chanel?


Jun 19, 2007
A person I met through eBay was recently taken in by a scandelous seller who sold her an illegal counterfeit Chanel bag. To make matters even worse, the bag was sent with a damaged zipper. This person (new friend) of mine, then filed a Paypal complaint and now Paypal is asking her to provide them with a documentation from an unbiased third party, such as an appraiser or dealer. The third party should be someone who is qualified to appraise the fake 'Chanel' handbag and they are further requesting it be on letterhead and include the name, address and phone number of the appraiser so that Paypal may contact them should they require additional information.
Well, where my friend lives, there isn't a Chanel Boutique and also, I do not believe Chanel will provide a letter stating an item is not authentic. They are giving my new friend 10 days to come up with this information.
Is there a service that can do this by viewing the auction my friend won? eBay Auction # 150180725811.
Many thanks,
redsniper88 :flowers:


Jun 19, 2007
Hi - I tried Carol Diva and she is not familiar with this type of Chanel Bag and so cannot help me. My Poupette wants too much money & my friend doesn't have the time to wait for a response from them.

Is there anyone else who knows someone else who can help?

Thanks again!


Oct 2, 2006
Unfortunately, you're right, Chanel won't write a letter and my poupette is very pricey for an authenticity letter. I would tell paypal that chanel has a strict policy of not authenticating bags and that you want the seller to pay for the authentication service if you go with mypoupette because it's so expensive and you shouldn't be paying because THEY are selling the fake bag. I personally would threaten the seller with contacting ebay and exposing their counterfeits...but they seem like they might not care. I'd also try Carol Diva again and explain that she's not familiar with this style because IT WAS NEVER MADE!!!! There are several dead giveaways that it doesn't take an expert to know this is fake. I really hope you're friend is able to have this settled in their favor. I hate seeing people get burned by fakes.


Mar 22, 2006
The only other thing I can think of is contacting Ranag over at the ebay forum. She is very respected by the ebay community, and she may be able to write the letter. For some reason, I think she has been able to provide letters in the past that are accepted by ebay.


Jun 19, 2007
Thanks again, everyone. I will try your suggestions : ) Incidently, My Poupette wants something like $75 to authenticate & even then the bag would have to be shipped to them + return shpg cost. That's quite pricey.

Thank you again, I really appreciate all the help.


Feb 22, 2006
Chanel sunglasses I bought off ebay aren't the real deal AT ALL as I had an authentic pair prior and everything about these is wrong - the screws on the temples, the CC logos, the case, the works!!!! I contacted the seller and heard nothing back so filed a claim with paypal. Paypal now wants proof in writing within 10 days that the sunglasses are fake and I have no clue how to get this done - and if I don't provide it I guess the case will be closed and I get screwed out of my $125. Unfortunately I don't have any Chanel counter near me that sells sunglasses - could Nordstrom do it? Does any service online do it?

HELP. I am so done w/paypal and ebay. Have had nothing but horror stories :sad:


Aug 7, 2007
Shops may say they are fake- but all shop assistants are told not to comment on items brought in purchased from a third party! And they will definately not provide anything in writting!

Have you tried contacting or to see if they can help you?

Did you pay with a credit card or paypal funds?


Ms. Speedy Gonzales
Aug 24, 2007
Most stores will not provide you with proof that something is fake. I think it's ridiculous that PayPal asks for it. I think one of the websites designermummy mentioned would be your best bet.
Really, we need to email Paypal about this again and again. Even the VERO aboutme member pages state that they will not provide letters of authentication. The Paypal investigation is also a joke. There are many sellers out there who get caught several times with fake items, with a history of bad feedback from different buyers to back that and yet they will deny a refund to people. Personally, I feel that the money should just be refunded. period. especially when ebay/Paypal offer "buyer protection" which I believe is bad advertisement, as it clearly isn't working for this situation. I know some sellers would not like a refund policy so across the board, but in the end I believe if you have nothing to worry about regarding authenticity, then you got nothing to lose either.