Anyone know retail on: Charms Cabas?

  1. I don't, sorry! But I would KILL for the view!!!:love:
  2. it says it was a VIP those even have retail prices?

    and :nuts: at the view!!! :love::heart::love:
  3. OMG- that is so gorgeous! Damn that Karen, she's always got the best stuff! lol
  4. Would that even be comparable to retail? Vip and it's different from the Charms line (doesn't have the ugly vinyl covering)
  5. I saw a lady carrying it at LV store in Fashion Valley...I almost break my neck when turn around to check out her bag. I didn't approach her to see the bag closely but it's much better than the one in the picture IMO
  6. Pretty but it's just like the Charms vinyl covering. Despite how "ugly" the covering may be to some, it saves the bag from getting dirty. I'd much rather have the vinyl than a bag that beautiful getting dirt on it, because believe me no matter how much you try, you will never be able to keep it clean unless it's in a glass case. I had a bit of trouble with my Dior Girly bags like that..that material just does not stay clean and is pretty hard to clean off once it gets dirty.
    Anyway, since that's a bag for the press only, it wasn't available to the general public, hence there is no real retail on it.
    I love Karen too, she's a friend of mine :heart:
  7. I love that bag.argh...................
  8. Well, the UK Vuitton has the vinyl cabas in stock for around 1000 pounds, but not like Karen's. Ask her what she wants for it, she can be fair sometimes if she not getting any bidders. I have bought from her before.
    I looked at it again, it is sooo cute and I am a sucker for rare pieces, price isn't too bad. See if she will go down. I am feelin for ya Jill.
  9. i believe it is about $3450 here in Australia
  10. it s about 3000 dollars
  11. I was in LV Boutique all day practically, came just seconds from purchasing the Cabas Mon Charms w/ matching white wallet.
    The bag was approx. 2300.00 and the wallet about 650-750.00 Retail.
    They only had 5 more in stock, and they are not getting more due to ltd addition. This was in South Coast Plaza in Newport Bch, CA