Anyone Know Reputable E-bay Seller of Tod's Bags?

  1. If anyone can help me would be greatly appreciated!;) I am trying to find someone on e-bay, that would sell an authentic Tod's Micky bag in the large size, preferably black. Unfortunately, I have been burned several times and would hate to make another mistake. So if someone has connections or knowledge you would truly make my day!!!:P
  2. Most of the Tod's bags on Ebay are counterfeits, unfortunately, and the Miky is probably the most widely faked. Be careful.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, but I don't know of ANY large-scale seller of Tods that sells authentic merchandise on Ebay. You could try or rafaello network. I believe they sell authentics online (usually free shipping, no tax and about a 20% discount or so - sometimes more). The good thing about the Miky is that it hasn't really changed in a couple of years so you could buy last year's model at a steeper discount.

    Good luck!