Anyone know price to replace Pochette strap?

  1. I am looking at a used White MC Pochette. The strap looks like it may have darkened a bit from use. Any way to get this out or how much would it cost to replace only the strap? Thanks in advance!
  2. The pochette strap is around $60. Sometimes it's on Elux, or you can call the 866-vuitton number and order it from them. If your near a store you can check with them too if they have one.
  3. The MC pochette strap is about ~$110 from 866vuitton
  4. ^^ Whoops, sorry, I missed the white MC part!! Yes, this strap is more $$.
  5. Wow, that's expensive! But good to know it can be done. Thanks!
  6. thanks too cause i just got my pochette and i was really worried about the skinny strap!