Anyone know Outlet Price?

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  1. i'm interested in buying this on e-bay and don't want to pay wayyyy over price. even thought i know they have to make a profit. but i want some sorta deal :smile: Thanks a bunch. I placed this in authenticate, but it wasn't an authentication question:smile::heart:

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  2. which size is it?
  3. This is the large one.
  4. 250. it was there in jan
  5. Thanks for your help Sinniebunnie :smile::tup:
  6. lets cry together on this. i saw it at macys for 150 in oct 07 and i didnt buy it.. *cries*
  7. I paid 209 plus tax at the outlet the end of February. But for a black one.
  8. 150???:wtf: awww yes let's cry together
  9. Is this the only light brown color that this came in ? Thanks did you end up getting it and do you like it ? I have one on hold at the outlet right now for $200. If it has a lot of scratches can I ask to have the price reduced ? Thanks
  10. My friend just got the signature version of this today and paid $150 at the outlets!
  11. Awesome ! That is what I want, did she say where and when they got them in ?
  12. does the signature have the legacy lining ?