Anyone know or got any Alison van der lande bags?

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  1. Anyone?????????????????????? i've never seen any of the bags in real life!
  2. I saw some at a Vogue sample sale a while ago and it was her bags plus the Belen Echandia line that made most impact on me. Alas I can't remember any of the models though, so can't be helpful about the specific bag in which you're interested. Be keen to hear other views.
  3. can you remember what the leather quality was like?
  4. I am digging around in my brain box here and what I am recalling is with that caveat, but my memory is that the leather was quite thick and scrunchy if that makes any sense. It didn't strike me as super soft or smoochy, more textured - is that any help?
  5. Thanks- think i'll see if i can see one IRL before ordering one!
  6. Love them now that you've brought them to my attention. Wish I could get the measurements of the Buster Bag.