Anyone know of this new color "natural"

  1. I really fell in love with the shoulder Legacy in Whiskey, so much so that I talked my coworker into getting one:wtf: Now that I am thinking of my next purchase I REALLY want this bag but may not get it in Whiskey because she has it, we sit right next to each other and go out a lot. I wanna know what this "Natural" color is coming out in January? Anyone have a sneak peak? Is it in the catalouge, I do have one but haven't seen Natural.

    If it boils down to it I am just going to get the Whiskey cause I love it so much.:love:
  2. i seen the natural in the catalog . the catalog showed the natural color next to the color whiskey. i like it alot and planing to buy a satchel in the natural.

    Cha cha
  3. Is this the page you are referring to, Cha Cha? The catalog says that the shoulder bag is natural and the wallet is whiskey. So, I guess that the natural color is just a bit lighter than whiskey.

  4. Thanks cha cha, is it lighter than the whiskey?
  5. Well shoot, they don't look thay different:shrugs: I was hoping for a dark tan....

    I love the weathered look of the whiskey
  6. thank you mokoni , for the catalog pic !!! i like the color !

    it was clever of coach to have whiskey & natural close together ,so we can compare .

    your fan,
    Cha Cha
  7. I am looking at it in the catalog and there is a natural bag and a whiskey wallet type thing. The whiskey is darker and more brown, but the natural is not a fleshy color like I expected...more of a light brown with an orange cast to it. Like a deep tan, almost. If the catalog is viewable on the Coach site, it's the last full page display of the catalog.
  8. both selections are nice even though they are close =]
  9. Thats the word...Orange

    Oh man I can't decide.
  10. i was sorta hoping the natural color would be like the color of vachetta before it patinas...
  11. I have seen the whiskey in person and to me it doesn't look as dark as in this picture we have here. So I am wondering if the Natural will also be lighter in person? Either way, good stuff. I love this leather!
  12. Me too
  13. I agree - I think the whiskey in this photo looks darker than it does IRL. Plus, we all know that what we see in the catalog isn't always reliable, so it's hard to say. I wonder when natural is expected to be in stores...
  14. mhmm mhmm:yes:
  15. Natural will be online January 11...Hope it is in stores than too. I hate to buy stuff without being able to see it IRL first.