Anyone know of this Gucci?

  1. I'm watching this bag on ebay, and the seller says that it is from the 2004 collection, so obviously it isn't on Gucci's website. Does anyone remember this bag? I think its really cute, but I wanna make sure it actually existed before spending my money on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Sorry about the big picture! Here's the link as well
    eBay: NEW&AUTH/GUCCI TOTE BAG BEIGE BROWN w/ BAMBOO 112530 (item 130032532631 end time Oct-09-06 21:30:00 PDT)

    Thanks, ladies!

  2. I never seen this bag before...
  3. I've never seen it either and I am weary of sellers w/ private feedback. The bamboo on my bag (which is a totally different style) isn't covered by leather b/c it's quite beautiful. This seller also has quite a "gucci" inventory which is another red flag.
  4. Yeah, shushopn (love that name!) sellers with a lot of inventory of one particular brand does look fishy. I decided to pass this one up...
  5. Yes, they did make this bag, but I would stay away from this seller.
  6. I agree with the others. If the feedback is private, I always feel they are hiding something. I would pass. Better safe than sorry.