Anyone know of handbag designer b.may?

  1. I bought this awesome distressed brown leather/croc embossed handbag at a posh little boutique while I was visiting Ann Arbor, MI a few years ago, and I cannot find any info on the designer online or find her work anywhere else? I do know that she is based out of NY (told to me by the sales associate). She designs a line of handbags, clutches and small makeup bags that could pass for wallets.
    She uses beautiful leathers embossed with croc as well as real exotics on her work. The only trademark she leaves in her name, b.may, burned into the inside of the bag. I paid roughly $300 for the bag I have and her stuff ranges from $100 for the wallets to an upwards of $500 for the larger totes I remembered seeing there.

    If anyone owns a b.may bag or knows how I can get intouch with the designer, please post to this blog! I tried to get more info from the boutique, however, they were very vague and not helpful--probably thought I'd steal her as a vendor or deal directly rather then come back to their boutique!
  2. Ok, I did some schmoozing with the boutique, and managed to learn that the designer is actually from Michigan and she also has her loot in the Linda Dresner shop in Burmingham, MI (where I've heard the women walk around in 80 degree weather in their fur coats:smile:
    So, I called LD and they took my info to pass along to the designer. I want to have my bag refurbished or atleast find out if she will sell direct to me since I don't live in MI.

    Well, if anyone happens to own a b.may bag or shops in either Ayla & Co. on Main St in downtown Ann Arbor or Linda Dresner in Burmingham, please let me know if the designer has anything out that is worth making a 6 hr roadtrip for!
  3. HI there, I live in Santa Barbara, CA and I love the b.may bags that they carry at Wendy Foster on State Street. The large totes and mid size purse/totes are about $550 - $600.
    I'd love, also, to see more of the designer's items - did you ever get a direct contact or find other stores that carry her?
    Jennifer in Santa barbara
  4. please posst pictures, will you?
    Would love to see it!

  5. I know barbara may and she has great bags. Her number in Northern Michigan is 231-622-4908
  6. Hi lunchboxjen,

    Thank you very much, i also love Bags.

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    There is an art gallery in Glen Arbor , Michigan that carries b. may handbags. Contact Wanda Sobran at or 231-334-6696. The gallery owner has a good selection of these handbags from very small coin purses to large totes. Leathers vary from patent leather to imprinted leather to hand-dyed python to ostrich. The designer lives in Petoskey, Michigan. All her bags are meticulously constructed and classically styled ... well worth the price!
  8. Contact Wanda Sobran at 231-334-6696 for b. may handbags.
  9. The store Huzza in Harbor Springs sells a huge variety of the bags. They seem to always have the newest styles and fabrics. Their number is (231) 526-2128.

    I've had them ship to me before, so I'm sure they'd do the same for others.
  10. She has a small factory in Bay Shore Mi.
  11. I am a huge B. May fan. I have 2 python clutches, a washed lamb clutch, 2 embossed clutches, and a harbor tote!!! I recommend calling their company directly to order from them. I'd sign up for their mailing list too;)

    Does anyone else like/ own B. May bags?? I think we should start posting pics of our B. May bags!