anyone know of any good bichon breeders (?)

  1. preferably one in the NY/NJ/CT area :tender:
  2. ^^ awe, thanks girl, i appreciate your help...unfortunately, due to my severe asthma/allergies, i can't take a chance on petfinder/rescue groups...wish i could, but i've gotta go thru a reputable breeder & make 1000% sure the puppy's 100% bichon :girlsigh:
  3. I know of an excellent Bichon breeder, but she's in Europe :p
  4. ^^ darnit, i wish europe wasn't so far away :push:...thanks so much for your reply keya...if anyone else knows anyone in the U.S.A., lemme know...even if they're on the other side of the country, they may have connections around here :tup:
  5. ^^ thanks girl, i'll check 'em out!!! :tender:
  6. at least over here, you can contact your BF club and they have someone who knows who has puppies and can give you their contact information. Going through the BF club will get you in contact with a reputable breeder :flowers:

    I'm going to PM you :flowers:
  7. Good luck! I have a 4 year old female, and she's the best!!