Anyone know of any frequent Airfare deals? PLEASE

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  1. Hey ladies!

    My BF just relocated to San Antonio for work. I am out here in GA, and plan on visiting him every other weekend. But the airfare is RIDICULOUS?!?!?! Today is April 9, tickets for two weeks ahead of time are $700. Thats just BS.

    Anyhow- can any of you guys help me find a deal on airfare? I searched for coupons, and there aren't really any useful ones aside from hotels, which i don't need.

    PLEASE help. Someone suggested standby to me. How does that work? Can anyone do standby or do you have to buy some type of pass for it? Please help ladies! I'm a MESS, now that the BF is so far away:crybaby:Thank you!
  2. Southwest maybe? They run sales all the time - SO and I got our tix for Florida for $310 total. We were looking at a trip to Phoenix (from Raleigh Durham) and it would've been about $300 apiece, not bad for a cross country flight.
  3. I'm finding airfare for $331 from ATL to SAN in two weeks. What dates are you checking?
  4. i usually find the best deals on southwest, but you have to either wait for their sales, or book more than 2 weeks in advance. their rewards program is pretty sweet, you get 1 credit for every 8 RT's you complete. you might also want to look into opening up their CC, it helps you get your points even faster. but the CC costs $60/year.
  5. If you have any friends that are pilots or flight attendants, they have buddy passes that they can give to friends and family for free flights.

    The only thing is that you have to fly standby and whether or not you get seating on an in demand flight depends on the seniority of your pilot friend.

    So like if someone else who is using a buddy pass that is from someone of a higher rank they will get priority over you. Also you can't wear jeans when you fly with a buddy pass. I think most airlines are pretty similar from what I hear from my friends. But my info comes from experience with Continental, so just letting you know that it could be a little different for another airline.

    Hope that helps.

    And I agree with everyone else. Southwest rocks with their prices, especially if you download DING you can get fantastic deals. But they do not fly to GA. My brother is in ATL and he has to use Frontier, Delta, or American and it is always more expensive, which sucks.
  6. Try the travel sites -,,,, --- there are a ton of them - is another one.
  7. is a good site too as it searches over 100 sites. Also, get on the web specials list for the various airlines, these usually list weekend last minute specials. Hotwire lets you sign up for notifications of deals for specific routes.
  8. Try as well.

    Be flexible in dates/times for the best price.
    Sign up for notifications on travelocity for the route you're looking for.
    Search for lower cost airlines (i.e. spirit, southwest) from nearby airports.

    Good luck!
  9. Desi, I feel your pain! A couple of years ago my bf moved for work and it really sucked. (We live together now, thankfully)

    I think the best way for you to get cheap airfare is to find an airline that has a major hub in either GA or San Antonio (if one exists). Or try Kayak and Southwest, as others have mentioned.

    This time though you might be in a bind. It can be really hard to find good deals only 2 weeks in advance :sad:

    Hang in there!
  10. Desi, I just had another idea. I'm seeing some flights that have a layover in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale). You can try looking for two flights seperately - one from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale and one from Ft Laudredale to San Antonio. You might have to deal with a longer layover, but it might be cheaper to book the two parts seperately.

    I did this last summer when I was trying to get to Portland from San Diego</ST1:P. It was going to cost like $500 RT, which is ridiculous, so I booked a flight from SD to Sacramento and then another flight from Sacramento to <ST1:PPortland</ST1:P. RT ended up being about $200.
  11. definitely sign up for spirit airlines sale fares at they have crazy sales every tuesday and friday usually and maybe once more during the week. I never fly anyone else because If your schedule is flexible enough you can fly as low as 1 cents each way. This past week they had a $4 sale and for me and my BF we book several in advance with the help of Spirits low fare sales. I just checked and they fly from ATL to SAT - today they have a $24 off sale. so sign up and they will send you email reminders every time there is a sale....I usually pre-empt the email and go to their site at 3pm on Tuesday and Fridays....IHTH!
  12. I second, not my favorite airline, but it has deals sometimes!
    also, try, it's a pretty cool site that tells you if it thinks you should wait or buy your tickets.
    another site that sometimes has some great last minute deals is i've used them before and i have gotten cheaper package prices (air+hotel) then air tickets were going for on other sites!
  13. I'm looking for the weekend of April 25 and returning 28th.

    Yea i checked southwest, they don't come to ATL. I don't know anyone to get a buddy pass from :crybaby: My cousin worked for DELTA years ago, but i never traveled then.

    tried all of them, but there are only a few airlines that fly out to San Antonio and the prices weren't that great.

    Thanks JP! I never thought it would be sooo bad!

    :wtf: Definitely WILL sign up!

  14. Oh I love planning trips. I use: - the google of travel - this site sniffs out the cheapest airfares - this site tells you if you should wait to buy your ticket or not

    Flying standby means that you go to the airport ready to travel and you purchase your ticket at the airport before the flight. You may or may not get on. You won't get a better deal than what you find online.

    Good luck