Anyone know of any Elisha's on sale!??

  1. ..Or on eBay for a good deal!?! I am dying for one in blonde!!! Thanks in advance.
  2. I used APOLOGIES at Active Endeavours for 25% off $535 reg price. They have it in red leather and also the tan and black suedes.
  3. Saw a blonde Devin on eBay the other day that looked good. I actually like the Devin style better. Most comfortable shoulder bag I've ever carried.
  4. Well NM has blonde Elisha's for full price at $535. I'm guessing those will get marked down fairly soon, since it was a spring bag. I bought mine (in white, for summer) off e-bay, but I don't think I've seen any blonde Elisha's in a while on e-bay. Occasionally, a blonde Bonnie will pop up.