Anyone know of a super SA in Boston? in the boutique or NM or Bloomies?

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  1. I am new in Boston and I want to establish relationships with the SAs here.. thanks a lot
  2. I work with Carol at NM! She's great. She sold me a Gucci bag a long time ago while visiting in Boston. I live in CA so I just call her when I need something and she sends it to me.
  3. Laura at NM!!!~~ She's really nice and sweet~~~.
  4. I'm going to Boston this weekend. I have to look them up ... yay!
  5. Mariana in Bloomies Chestnut Hill is a very nice girl, love her.
  6. Thanks guys! I actually bought a prada wallet from Carol 2 weeks ago and she IS nice.
    This may be a stupid question but is there any SA in NM that is exclusive to Chanel? if there is, can you recommend me one? I dont think I will be buying other brands in the near future (yes I am that addicted) and I want to know an SA who is very knowledgable and patient with all my questions! Of course also one who will go to the mountains to find me my dream bag!
  7. i had a bad experience with carol at NM boston. she sold me a flawed white chanel bag that had brown marks on the bottom, scuffed handles, and a blue pen mark clear as day right on the front of the bag, and when i called her about it she was rather curt and unapologetic about it. it didnt come with a dust bag either. i wont be buying from her again.
  8. wow.. I'm really sorry for you. She is a bit dazed sometimes and is not one who I considered "active" searcher for my bag demands. I actually wanted to buy a blue prada saffiano wallet from her, but when I see it in person, it was not saffiano leather, it was satin!!! but instead of trying to find me one or oppologize for it, she tried to convince me to buy the white one! which i stupidly did..=(

    Can anyone recommend me a GREAT SA in Boston?
  9. Marina is the Chanel Specialst at NM Boston. I'm surprised no one has mentioned her yet. When I lived in MA I used her exclusively for my Chanel purchases and she was always very helpful, followed up regularly, and kept me informed of sales.
  10. Well thank you! i will call her right now to get on the list for dark silver reissue!
  11. Marina in NM is wonderful! And Joan is very sweet too!