Anyone know of a Chanel sale? Soon?

  1. I neeeed a Chanel, but I'm a bargain hunter! Any info?:graucho:
  2. Chanel was on sale at most dept. stores & boutiques, but I think they're pretty much over now.
  3. I don't think Chanel ever goes on sale. You could try eBay but I'm always iffy about that!
  4. Certain bags do indeed get marked down. I picked up a few bags from Saks & Neiman's on sale.

  5. The Chanel boutiques do have sales but I think those sales are over too, or most things are gone
  6. yes, a few Chanel's go on sale twice a year and there's probably very little left over at this point.
    Please check the Chanel Shopping Forum here, you'll get a lot more help there:yes:
  7. I saw a lot of baby animal totes at the Chanel boutique inside NM Beverly Hills last weekend... seems like those things aren't moving.
  8. Chanel boutique in my city do marked down cloths, sunglasses, certain style of shoes and bags twice a year. Summer sale is usually happened in early- mid June.
  9. anyone have a pic of the baby animal print?
  10. i love how you said "neeeed". :roflmfao:
  11. If you don't mind pre-owned Chanel handbags, eBay indeed is a good place to start for bargain hunter.

    check out this site too