Anyone know name of this chanel bag and price?

  1. Anyone know name of this bag and price?
    Also where I can get this in US???
    Thank U, Guyz :heart:
  2. it's from the rock and chain collection. they are still readily available in the US. the price for the collection is $1695 and up if i remember correctly. i'm not sure about the style in the picture above but it's definitely the rock bag. just to let you know, it's made of patent vinyl with gold hw by the way, not leather :p
  3. I might be wrong, but I think it's just "the rock" collection. The rock & chain ligne is made of glazed calfskin, not vinyl.
  4. Oh wow! That is a nice bag. I was wondering what a "Rock" looked like after seeing it discussed in another thread.
  5. I've seen pieces from the Rock ligne at NM and in 07A Nordstrom trunk show pics here - I think Denise from Seattle and CHANELboy at MOA posted pics.
  6. Thank you for your reply. YOU GUYS ARE SUPER !!!