Anyone know much about Givenchy bags?

  1. This Christmas my parents surprised me with this Givenchy handbag.
    At first, I did not recognize the origin of this bag, as I hadn’t previously thought about bags in relation to Givenchy (usually clothes, or fragrance/cosmetics). And the ‘G’ logo was not familiar to me. I knew it wasn’t Gucci, or Guess, but I was at a loss. When I took it out of the box, my parents looked at me expectantly, as if I would automatically recognize that this was a special gift of a designer bag. To my embarrassment, I was just puzzled.

    Apparently they had bought the bag when we were in London this summer, and saved it to give me at Christmas. They said they bought it at the little Harrods boutique at Gatwick airport, since they left London at a different time than I did.

    I did some research and found very few Givenchy bags available online, but the ones I saw were very high end leather bags (in the $1000 range). My parents mentioned they had paid around $400 for my bag. And as it has a logo denim body and only leather side pockets and strap, of course it would be less expensive, but I could not find pictures of anything even similar to this bag.

    Is this style by Givenchy familiar to any of you guys? Maybe in the UK and Europe?

    Has this ever happened to you where you were given a designer bag as a gift, but were completely stumped by it? At first I wasn’t even really sure if I liked it. I’m not a fan of logo bags in general. I’m pretty sure if I saw this bag at Harrods, I would not have bought it for myself. I’m grateful to my parents for getting me such a nice gift. Though I would wish next time they might allow me to pick it out.
  2. Apparently Givenchy did make some items with fabric like this. The pattern is definitely the Givenchy logo from what I can tell. I did a Google image search and turned up some examples. I found several small leather goods with these types of monogram fabrics on
  3. I love the Givenchyn leather bags, but I have seen the Givenchy bags on jomashop...I have never seen one in real life but I would aassume they are high end good bags.
  4. The Nightingale is glorious