Anyone know much about Burberry?

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  1. Can some one please tell me anything regarding Burberry messenger bags?
    I have two...dont know much about them, no numbers, the black one only has that one tag inside, & its made out of pvc, i had received it little over 4 years ago as a gift.
    As for the brown one(vyl), I had bought it at the boutique however I assumed information would have come with it, but it didn't. I didn't call the store, because i would have felt silly if they told me..if i bought it there its real.
    BTW no auth. cards were received either one of them...assuming didn't come with one.
    However one day i was cleaning them out...felt as though there was a piece of paper between the lining & the bag...kind of odd :confused1:. Has anyone else encountered this before? :s

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