Anyone know more information about this bag?

  1. I really want it so badly :love: but I don't know more information about it. I know
    just it was 2005 spring & summer collection and very rare. It called "Small Flap
    Bag in Lambskin" I couldn't remember why I missed out but I tried to get it when
    every stores sold out. Anyone own them right now? I will thank you a lot if you
    can share more pics or more informations.

    ***Pictures credit by corgi0825

    P.S. Unfortunately, I found this seller too late.... :crybaby:
    2005Small flap bag in lambskin.jpg 2005Small flap bag in lambskin 2.jpg
  2. Too cute, sorry i cant help! Keep an eye out on eBay, I've seen a few on there. GL!