anyone know if this still under production --Charms

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  1. Dear TPFs... Does anyone know if this item still in production... it is hard to get?! anyone see this lately... ?!

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  2. I believe the Olga charm is still available at H stores.
  3. Some said is discontinued but stores still have it occasionally.
  4. No more in production
    Both olga n breloque
    Those are balance stocks
  5. .. I went to one of the H Store today..they have the leather charm only...:sad: and I am not able to find any on
  6. The SA in FSH told me on Sat that these charms have been discontinued even they are very popular and she doesn't know why. :sad:
  7. thx.. for the information...PowderPuff
  8. It's not that difficult to find, I've seen them around the older version is harder. Good luck!