Anyone know if this is an authentic Coach?

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    If anyone is familar with COACH...I would appreciate their honest opinion...I really think it's cute...But called COACH this morning to find out that they no longer can verify if it's a real Coach. Seems that the knock offs are getting official serial numbers and getting better at disquising to look authentic. Unless it's purchased from a Macy's or what have you...They can't say for certain...

    I am thinking it possibly is a fake. Due to the size...And that the retail is low for a Coach...But how much does one pay for a knock off that is small as this one is? This has a buy it now option...Yet I am also watching a few others that don't...
  2. Cadillac, you should post your authenticity question in the Authenticate This thread of the Coach subforum: I'm sure the gals over there will help you!
  3. Thanks for the tip...I wasn't sure where to place it. Much appreciated~
  4. Looks good but she covered the word "Factory" on the tag with her thumb like she's being deceptive.
  5. I think authentic as well. I find that the countefeiters had a very difficult time copying the 'snakeskin' look on bags.
  6. it's at the outlets
  7. This was purchased at the Coach outlet store. If you look at the tag on the bag it says "FS" before the style#. That stands for factory store. It's authentic.
  8. next time, ask in the authenticate this! thread.

    however, this is authentic. they have these at the outlets.
  9. It is authentic. I saw them in the outlet yesterday and 140 to 160 is not cheap for this bag as they were additional 20% off factory prices. The stitching, the clasp, the 'c's are all perfect, the creed is as it should be. My 'expertise' , such as it is, is on the Coach signature bags at knowknockoffs and I report 100's of fakes a week of them to eBay. A fake would more than likely be about 85.00 buy it now. Coach never authenticated for certain any bag over the phone, they would just tell you if the bag you had in hand was the correct size, color lining, and serial number was as it should be by their specs. There's probably only 1 out of 100 fakes that have the correct serial number. I got a 7 Star one time and it was perfect.....except for one flaw the Coach store manager had to hunt to find. Some are very good but most have more obvious characteristics.
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