Anyone know if this bag exists (D&G)?

  1. Hi everyone - I'm new and never even knew this site existed until today. I'm a purse junkie - but that is besdies the point. I ran into a girl today who was carrying my dream/perfect bag. It had handles - but big enough to put over your shoulder. The bag was grayish and giant. It didn't have anything that would make it particularily noticeable other than its great size (huge) and I think it had some chains by the handles. I asked her about the bag and she said she got it in chinatown (Chicago) at a kiosk and that its a Dolce and Gabbana. I said - is it a knockoff? She said no that its last years model. Okay - so I don't care if its a knock off or the real thing....I just want the purse. Has anyone ever seen D&G with something like this? she said it comes in a lot of different colors.
  2. At a kiosk? Sounds fake to me. I really can't tell what bag it is supposed to be from your description, sorry.
  3. I looked on the D&G website...I think they have a picture of the handbag you are talking about. Looks really nice
  4. Was it this??[​IMG]
    This is from Nordstrom's website.
    It's the Miss Riders Large Satchel. It's $1995
    It is a gorgeous bag. The color is the popular "gray" now Anthracite.
  5. real D&G isn't sold at a kiosk in chinatown. I'm sure it's a fake and there is a good chance that it was never a real bag anyway.
  6. Here is a photo of one on Yoox - doesn't come in gray. I'm not sure, but I think they get past season's items? There are several on Yoox that have a combination handle.