Anyone know if there are any available birkins at the Bal Harbour store? STORE?

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  1. i wanna go there today to check out the sizes but i just hate the SA's there so i want to know if there any available to look.
  2. I'm there a lot, and I've never seen a Birkin for sale other than the Red Croc with diamonds for $185,000.:nuts:
  3. Hi Barbie,
    I was just there Thursday for the sale and I didn't see one either.
  4. PM me and I'll give you the name of my SA who is very nice. All the birkins, if they have any, are in the back and only brought out & never under glass except for the occasional croc/diamond ones.
  5. ^^ See, barbie444 it helps to have friends on tPF. Good luck:flowers:
  6. i allways have luck at this store tell them that you have a birkin on hold for you and if they say no that its not there the you say argue that there is and you spoke with someone on the phone ,that ususally catches them off guard and they bring one out but you will have to limit yourself to that particualr option and it may be something you dont like and decline or something exotic and divine just a tip because i know for a fact there stock is great
  7. Why would you lie to someone to try to get something, something you may not want or even like? :confused1:
  8. I really don't mean to be rude, but that's kind of a crappy thing to do.
  9. Shameful. Just shameful. So if any of you ladies are missing a special order or a PO, you now know what happened to it.
  10. Nevermind.

  11. Just exactly how many times do you claim you pulled this off?
  12. thanks but i would never do that. if they dont have a Birkin for me to see the size i could just wait and go back another day. My godmother is only going to Paris in july so thats where i am getting my birkin so i still have time. I would never "steal" a birkin from another birkin fanatic. but hey if it works for you great.

  13. Why do you hate the SA's at BH? They have been nothing but extremely nice and courteous. In fact, I was just there this Saturday buying a scarf and a belt. Can you believe I had three (three!!) SA's at a time attending me, checking out the scarves and commenting on which looked better?

    Granted, I'm frequently there buying stuff but I am defenitely NOT a heavy hitter. I'm sure they make much more money out of other clients.
    By the way, during the 20 minutes I was there, four different people came up to us, interrrupted us and bluntly asked if they had any Birkins.

    The SA's were very polite, but always denied they had any. I didn't ask, but I'm sure there are bags in the back.
  14. You had a positive experience i have not. they always treat me like dirt and i dont like that. My mom has never purchased anything in the Bal Harbour stor only in the madison store. the SA's in the madison store are A+++++++:biggrin:
  15. Bal Harbour is a very hot topic on this forum. LOL

    Keep in mind they are one of the top selling Hermes boutiques in the U.S. and they definitely have bags to sell.

    Sus is 100% correct. The bags are always in the back! You will rarely, if ever, see a birkin out on display.