Anyone know if the ruby patent wristlet is still available?

  1. I saw someone receive it for their holiday exchange and it is just beautiful. I just ordered the mini skinny from for my new rChristmas red Hamptons purse,and I'd love to get my hands on that wristlet too! Its not on the website - should I call JAX?
  2. I too need it to match my tote and don't have an item number for it as it is not on .com.
  3. Bnjj, maybe someone can help us w/the item # so we can check? Anyone? Also i have to tell you that I was brought up in the town right next door to where Jon is from. So many people I know have a "I used to know BonJovi when..." story!
  4. 40917 is the item number on my tag...

    speaking of funny 'I used to know so and so when...' this guy I dated lived on a street with this guy that went to school with Prefontaine, and his only claim to fame is that Pre looked at his girlfriend so he kicked his a** after school...well, nobody knows who this guy is but everyone knows who Pre is. who won?
  5. I just got that number from the Vancouver Coach store. Of course they are sold out.
  6. I just ordered the ruby wristlet from a store in Toronto. Yay!! I didn't even know this wristlet existed when I ordered the ruby tote last week.
  7. They had the Ruby Wristlets at the San Marcos, TX outlet when I was there on Thursday.

    Hope you find one, they are so pretty!!