Anyone know if the 8 CC FP will come in other colors?

  1. Still deciding between the amarante FP and the pomme FP. Haven't seen amarante IRL yet bc I haven't had a chance to go to the store, but your pics here have all been tempting!

    Thing is, the 8 CC for the amarante is a definite advantage...does anyone know if the other colors (i.e. pomme) will be available in the 8CC too?

    I know currently Elux shows the 8CC vernis FP on its own, with only amarante available.
  2. probably more colors because the picture for the 8 CC slot FP on eluxury shows perle. not sure what other colors but it does look like it comes in perle ;) just dunno about pomme. i'd phone 866 and ask.
  3. I think it'll take awhile for them to start producing the 8 CC FP in other colours, just like when we heard that the mono FP was coming out with 8 CC slots, the Azur FPs were released with 8 CC slots first and then I started seeing some mono FPs with 8 CC slots.

    Plus, I think pomme d'amour producing will stop soon (six months coming up!) so... who knows, maybe the pomme FP will never come with 8 CC slots.
  4. Well, I did check with 866 about it. And they told me Perle and Pomme FP will have 8CC, but they just do not know the date yet. Hope it helps.:yes:
  5. ^^ That's great news...! Maybe I'll get a pomme FP instead of an amarante FP then...
  6. Oh thanks yezhang!
  7. You are welcome... I am looking for a Pomme 8CC FP myself too.
  8. Ohh, French Purse in Pomme with 8 CC slots, that is very exciting news! Yippee!
  9. Now if the pomme FP does come with 8 CC, I don't know whether to choose amarante or pomme!