Anyone know if Tate will be available in Azur?

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  1. My mother wants a Tate bag, but she also wants a bag in the Azur canvas... she's not a handbag fiend or anything, she's the type that thinks like "I already have a black bag, a brown bag, a light brown bag..." My father cares more than she does!

    Anyways, my father went into their local LV to ask about new Azur bags this spring. One SA told him that one might come in during Feb.-March (perfect, because he wants to give her the bag on April 1st), but when I called about a charge-send (don't get too excited, I'm only buying a chain for my mono pochette), I asked one of their managers and she said that the only new Azur bag is going to be the Totally tote bag.

    Anyone have the scoop?

    What would be a good alternative? She wants a smaller shoulder bag with a zipper. Ideally, under $1300.
  2. sweetie I have not heard about tate in azur at all. totally pm Azur might be an alternative or the Saleya MM ? Good luck
  3. what my SA said was the Tate was the original 'Galliera' design, but was soon made by counterfeiters, soo they made slight changes and made the Galliera in monogram, and now in azur, the tate just came in Damier, sooo i highly doubt it will be made in azur
  4. Bummer! My father wants her to like the Saleya, but she didn't like the straps. I suggested the Galliera but she doesn't like that it doesn't zip closed.

    I wish their SA didn't give her a glimmer of hope, because she was really hoping it would be added to the Azur line.
  5. there are plenty of other pieces in Azur that are amazingly beautiful hopefully she likes something else