Anyone know if Martha S382 Sunnies are in Outlets?

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  1. I am so upset, I dropped and scratched my Martha sunnies over the weekend. The scratch is pretty bad on the lens, and these are my most favorite sunnies ever!

    Has anyone seen these (in the brown/tortoise) in the outlets recently? And if so, does that particular outlet do charge sends? I got mine at the boutique last year with a PCE because I loved them so much. I am really leery of getting sunnies on eBay, so I thought I'd ask about outlet sightings first.
  2. Trying one more time to see if anyone has seen these.

    I've looked everywhere, including local optometrists!

  3. pic?
  4. [​IMG]

    They have the horse and carriage graphic inside the arms, and the side is plain except for a small Coach lozenge logo.