Anyone know if J12 prices are going up as well?

  1. Curious to know if anyone has heard anything about the prices of J12s going up amist the price increase movements.

    I asked Galina at BG and she said she did not know.:confused1:
  2. my SA said that the increase will happen by Sept.
  3. I thought the price increase won't be till november? I'm confused
  4. ^^on fine jewelry?

    I called the 800# recently and asked if the jewelry would increase and was told it had already increased earlier this year (which I knew already) and was assured it wasn't going to increase again.
  5. I remember some member has posted here that chanel hawaii confirmed that the J12 prices would go up in Sep......
  6. Yea .... I called Waikiki fine jewelry asking about the J12 ... and they replied in an email that the watches will be going up exactly on Sept 1st. I wonder what the hell is really going on. Is it going up or not!
  7. the j12 prices are increasing worldwide on september 1st.
  8. The watches are gorgeous, but these prices are killing me.
  9. YES!!! My SA emailed me last night saying that they would increase this fall but didn't know exactly when...
  10. I rec'd an email from Damian. He said he could give 10% on the old price pre-increase. It was for the white with and w/out diamonds. He also said he had them in black. All he said was that the price would be going up in the exact date.
  11. ^^^ I got that same email!!!!
  12. I was told the prices for jewelry are increasing on Sep 1st, which is tomorrow! :tdown:

    The price of J12 (w/ dia) will be increased from $4600 to $4900 or $4950 if I remember correctly.
  13. Insane! I may cross the J12 off my list and get a chopard, cartier, or rolex.
  14. yeah!! go with rolex!!! :nuts:

  15. Ok I finally decided I want a J12 in white. Did the price go up at Saks or anywhere else?