Anyone know if Bergdorf Goodman carries Chanel?

  1. Hi there,
    I don't have a Bergdorf Goodman store in my town and my friend mentioned that if they carry Chanel I could probably purchase from them tax free :nuts::nuts:.

    Every little bit helps ...more so with the guilt than the actual cost :p, but if anyone knows and had a s/a they's recommend - please let me know!

    Thank you
  2. Bergdorf carries Chanel.
  3. Awesome!

    Thanks aprilvalentine:tup:
    Any store you would recommend?
  4. Isn't there only one BG store in New York?
  5. there's just the one BG in NY and they have Chanel bags/accessories and RTW. Tax free if shipped outside of NY. I recommend Joseph in Chanel handbags. He's the best!!

    BG does take the NM card.
  6. Awesome - thank you, I will ask for Joseph!
    wow - they will take my NM card - thats great!

    I'll call information to get the phone number to order
    Thank you
  7. I always call Bergdorf first since there is only the one store to save tax-every little bit helps!!!
  8. bg is not tax free for shoes and handbags if you're shipping to nj. anywhere else and you're fine.
  9. :tup::tup:

    You're so right!
    I'll be spending right over 3K so it will help:yes:
    I totally appreciate this forum - I would have never thought of this until forum member brought it to my attention.:wlae:
  10. Is anyone can give me a phone number to call Chanel in Bergdorf Goodman? Thank you!
  11. i'm lucky then that bg has shipped some handbags, shoes, and accessories to my shopping service in new jersey tax free :smile:
  12. I don't have a phone number but if you look through the "recommended SA" thread, I think there are a couple BG SA's on there. I know Joseph is one that a lot of TPF-ers recommend. Good luck!
  13. Oooo. Great info everyone. Thanks! I just purchased a GST at a NYC Chanel store on Thursday, and I thought the tax on the bag was ridiculous. I usually buy my Chanel at Tysons in Virginia or King of Prussia, PA, where the sales taxes are much less.
  14. Do you still need a SA from BG?
  15. Does anyone know if joseph still works there? I am looking to order one over the phone too. Thank you!