anyone know how to shop on lauren hills??

  1. i would like to know as well.
  2. That same wallet in Violet is going to be at the Arden Fair Nordstroms in a couple of days. They ship everywhere. If you want me to put it on hold for you (I'm returning mine) PM me and I will.
  3. I want to know too! anyone speak japanese? anyone know if they ship internationally? has anyone rung their number, spoken in english and the person at the other end not minded?
  4. Ohhh...I've wondered this myself! I can't even figure out the math:rolleyes:.
  5. Never shop with them before but I am sure if you ask whether you could speak english they won't mind, providing the person can also speak english otherwise I am sure they will grab someone who can provide assistance in english :p

    at the end of the day, Japanese people is renowned for their politeness :yes:

    *me being biased here :greengrin:
  6. Oh forgot to mention, if you need any help translating english to Japanese I perhaps can try :blush:

    However my PC does not support Japanese characters hence I too unable to read the Lauren Hills w/site..
  7. You can use something like (mods, I'm sorry if this sort of link is not allowed) and view most of the page in English, or your language of choice.

    Other than that, I don't know Japanese and I have not done business with Lauren Hills, so I can't help further.
  8. I remember a few months ago I emailed an online Japanese website. I believe it is, because I was interested on that Purse... They do not accept and ship international orders. This is the email on their page- I suggest you ladies confirm with them if they do or do not ship worldwide..

    I used altavista to translate the page to english.. Here goes -