Anyone know how to get to live help?

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  1. I need to speak with live help and can not find it anymore, Contact Us just gives you a bunch of generic questions to look through or the option to email them which from experience takes about 2 weeks to get a canned answer back. When I search for "Where is Live Help" I get an answer that has a picture of the home page showing where the live help icon has always been, but its not there on the actual homepage. The security and resolution button just takes you back to the same thing as contact us or you have the option of opening a dispute. I know ebay hates to deal with their customers but this is ridiculous! If anyone has a direct link or has any idea how I can find live help that would be great. Here is what my homepage looks like and unless I am just completely blind I cant find it for the life of me:

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  2. I thought they did away with it when they did the last round of layoffs.
  3. If none of the generic questions apply to your case, go to fBay's home page:

    1. Click on "Contact Us"
    2. Type in a word for a topic not covered among the choices until...
    3. the "Email Us" and "Call Us" links on the right of the screen become active (I think they turn blue)
    4. Click on "Call Us" and you will be given a temporary (1 hour) Web ID and a toll-free number to call

    Hope this helps
  4. Kinda late, but I discovered how to get to Live Help.

    I used it the other day. You can actually google it. " eBay Live Help." Then select one of the first few results.

  5. A link for "Chat with us" also activates.