Anyone Know How To Get Pen Mark Off A Suede Coach Bag????????????????????????????????

  1. Hello,

    Ahhhhhhh....I have a pen mark on a suede Coach bag, does anyone know any tips to get it off?

    I have the Coach suede cleaning kit, should I try that? I am afraid it may make it worse - eeks! :crybaby:

    Any assistance is sincerely appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I was under the impression that pen marks do not come out and are best left alone. I guess you could try lightening the stain up by rubbing with a nail file.
  3. This is from the coach website. Did you get a suede eraser with your handbag? Have you tried it?
    Nubuc or Suede Brush gently with a soft suede brush to remove stains or marks. For stubborn stains use a suede eraser first, and then brush gently with a suede brush.
  4. I was just going to mention the eraser!! ;)
  5. i have gotten marks on my pink chevron hobo and got them out using the suede eraser kit that came with the coach stuff.... it doesnt all go away at once, it kind of gradually fades i think