Anyone know how to get mothball smell out of washing machine??

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  1. My Dad had stored some of his sweaters in mothballs :wtf: and I told him to use my machine to wash them because I have a hand-wash cycle. Well...I had no idea that the awful mothball smell would transfer to my machine! I have run a very hot bleach wash and it is still there - in full force. HELP!
  2. What about running an empty load w/ baking soda or Borax? Borax seems to take a lot of smells away and it also cleans well- I have hard water and use Borax as a booster and it keeps the machine looking good inside!
  3. I use Borax as a booster and it also keep my machine looking puuurteeful! Not so sure if it would help with the smell tho. I would try a little vinegar(not alot! maybe a couple cap fulls) and some baking soda, with hot water.