Anyone know how to find Red Jumbo Classic Flap???

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  1. or any info on one coming out next season? I would be so appreciative if you could give me an update as to what's coming out next in the Jumbos with Silver Hardware...:flowers:
  2. Thanks Beautylicious...:ty: That Link was very helpful. I'll just have to waitlist. Its a shame when you want to spend money & they can't make enough Red Bags...:girlsigh:
  3. Hi girlfriend, was wondering the same thing. too bad chanel doesn't have more classic red chanel bags. I would love to buy a classic cc lock flap jumbo bag with gold HW. Hope someone could help us our dream bags.
  4. Wow. I am DESPERATE for a Red Jumbo!!!!!!
  5. I heard from my SA that there's still some red jumbos left, and in old price 2395. But she says there are scrapes in the bag. maybe it's a bag some one returned
  6. Where? I would personally buy it anyway, however, I just can't find it and I am unwilling to buy on eBay. I've had SAs look and they all say it is gone. PM if you know where this bag is...
  7. ME TOO, ME TOO pretty please, have been searching forever....:love::heart:H

  8. I've been searching longer than forever.. eternity.. lol me too!
  9. Its only on ebay now. Will just have to wait until they decide to do a red again....probably when the jumbo's are $4000.