Anyone know how to contact Marc Jacobs?

  1. ... well, not Marc the person, I mean MJ the company LOL

    I really really want a washed utility tote and I also want to ask them about the "mahogony" from fall 2007 that I have been lusting after but could not find anywhere.

    I've checked the MJ website and can't find a "contact us" link or anything! I'm in Australia and at my wits' end - can anyone help?

  2. the website is a little tricky to maneuver - when you go to - wait for the screen to load - there should be sub-headings that say HOME - MJ COLLECTION - MbyMJ COLLECTION - etc - the last heading all the way to the right is COMPANY - click on that - right below that it will say STORES - CONTACT - if you click on STORES, wait for it to load (it takes a little while) and all the various locations will come up as pictures w/address & phone nos & you can scroll to the location that you want (scroll by moving your mouse to the right of your screen)
  3. fantastic!! thanks so much iluvmybags!! :love: god, i've spent ages on that damn website...
  4. i think we all have! :love: