Anyone know how the "Spy" got its name?

  1. My little sis is in love w. the style and I was wondering if anyone had any idea about its history or the design inspiration.

  2. Around the time the bags first came out I remember reading that they were called the "Spy" because of the secret compartment. I'm not sure if the article was in a reputable fashion magazine or some ridiculous publication like the Star, but it stuck in my memory. Did anyone else read this somewhere?
  3. ^:yes: that's what I've heard also. Both "spy" compartments.
  4. Yes thats what i heard as well.It has a secret little compartment, a lipstick one i would say.Not sure how 'spyful' that is :P
  5. indeed .. i heard it has 2 do with the secret compartment
  6. I read the same thing too, but I think I read it here vice anywhere else. ;) It'd be great to know the real story, I always wondered about it myself.