Anyone know how much mini lin Speedys will retail?

  1. Does anyone know how much the mini lin speedys will cost when they're available?
  2. They're out today and are $675
  3. I think they're $675
  4. Thanks girls. Have you felt the material of them? I don't know if I should order one in Canada until I can feel the material because I read on here that it's kind of flimsy?
  5. its 730 :smile: cad! or it was 770 i forgot lol i checked today
  6. $675, they have other items on eluxury right now
  7. I haven't felt it yet....I'll be going in on Sunday (my SA put one aside for me).
  8. only $675 ... oooh i have seen it at HK (retails about $690?? i forgot the exact price..), but i never really liked it so much though.. :sad:
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