Anyone know how incremental bidding works?

  1. I know you type in the max amount you're willing to pay, then what?
  2. if someone bids after you, the current pice is usually about $2.50 higher in your favor until they catch up to your bid. say you bid 100 and the current price is 57.50. someone bids 65.00, the current bid will jump to 67.50 ish and then time runs out, you will win and only have to pay 67.50 rather than the 100. does that make much sense??
  3. Depending on how much the current bid is, eBay automatically increases your bid up to your maximum. The increments that the bid goes up each time are determined by how much the item costs (more expensive items - the bids jump up by $2.50 or so each time).

    When your maximum is reached, the other party outbids you by putting down a higher maximum - then you either raise your maximum or give up.

    So each time you check the auction and if you find out you're still the winning bidder - but the price goes up - it's because, meantime, someone else has bid.
  4. does anyone know how this works when seller does a "end auction early to highest bidder" does it end to actual high bid that high bidder placed, or highest bid that the auction ends at?
  5. Sellers have done that to me few times and its a highest bid the Auction ends at. Thats the eBay rule, but I have sometimes paid them more because I pre-arranged it ...