Anyone know good hair stylists in San Diego?

  1. I hope this is allowed. If not sorry mods. But I want to get a new haircut and the ones I've been going to are so crappy in san diego. I always get layers and the best layered haircut I always get is at this one salon in Las Vegas. So anyone got referrals to a hair stylist in san diego, ca or even las vegas, nv cause every month i go there. The one i go to in Vegas is not there anymore. So any help is greatly appreciated. TIA!!
  2. Try Dearinger in La Jolla. I can't remember the name of the guy that used to cut my hair but he was great, cut the general cut then dried it and had me stand up and move my head around to see how it moved then finished shaping it up. Its a really salon on pacific beach hwy. They have another one downtown. Jet Ryhs salon downtown is also nice. They have been in magazines such as Cosmo and Glamour. I didn't like the way the girl cut my hair but it was more b/c Im weird about how I want it to look and not so much the cut. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks SonOz!!!
  4. if you are looking for color as well..i have an AWESOME stylist...she's only "trimmed" my hair once so i dont know about hair cuts....but pm me if you want her info! =) she does the best color ever!!!! she's the best!
  5. Bumping this thread up for an update.

    Also, can anyone recommend a stylist great with flat, THIN hair, especially? I'm Asian, so my hair is not exactly fine, there is just less of it. The gene for a luxurious curtain of black hair skipped me!:cry:

  6. hi Chipper, i go to Terra Hair Design in La Jolla, they're ALL Japanese stylists! i used to never cut my hair in SD (i always waited until I went to Vancouver and went to the Japanese hair salon there) and then my friend referred me to Terra. They're great! go to Yohei and tell him Renee sent you! Good Luck!!