Anyone know anything about Zara sizing?

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  1. I'm thinking of bidding on a Zara leather biker jacket on eBay. It's a size large, and no measurements are given. I'm 5'9" and a 38C. (I guess that means a 40" chest, right?) I wear a 14, sometimes 12, on top. I wear a size 8 on the bottom. I looked at other Zara jacket listings, and they were inconsistent. Some had XL jackets listed as having 46" (!) chests. Others had size L jackets with 36" chests. I e-mailed the person with the listing (in Spain) but have not yet heard back.

    I guess what I'm asking is, do you think there's any chance in hell that this jacket may fit me?

    Thank you!
  2. Hi there Natasha. I normally buy a lot of Zara clothes and am normally a size 6 US/10 UK and wear Large in the TRF(younger collection) and Medium in tops from the normal Zara collection.

    I also more often than not have to buy Large in Zara coats as I find they are tight around the arm area.

    Hope that helps!!!!!!!
  3. Yes, that does help! I'm not going for it. Dammit! The bid is almost over and it costs about a dollar + change!


  4. Zara runs a bit small in my experience.
  5. hmm so it seems TRF at Zara runs smaller than the rest of the Zara collections?

    I am usually a 36 in Chanel RTW and a US I guess I should do a medium in TRF and a Small in Zara pieces?

    and has anyone had experiences with the TRF pieces vs. regular Zara pieces?

    i'm a fairly newbie to Zara, i just own the leather fringe tank dress Mira wore and i got that in an XS cos the ebay seller said it was running pretty comfy sized and it fits me perfectly...but i think that piece may have just been more on the loose end than other items especially ones with sleeves or armholes (like on jackets and long sleeve tops etc)...
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