anyone know anything about this ?

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  2. I think they came into the boutiques in US this past weekend. It also comes in a cell phone charm, one is in the blues and the other in the reds. I just called my Boutique and put the Key Holder (shown above) on hold. The Hawaii price is 210. Disney4us saw the key holder and the cell phone charm in real life. By the way, the name in the system at LV is different than what it says on the LV website.

    That's all I know but I am going to try and pick mine up on Wed.
  3. Another pfer posted their's. It's really cute.
  4. Oh i have to locate this . ...
  5. I want one!
  6. I called up two LVs and just tried to explain what it looked like and they were able to find it in the system. Sorry, she told me the name in the system but it was French so I didn't bother writing it down, just told her to please hold it for me. I called my SA later and she said that it is really cute.
  7. i think they came out about....3 weeks ago in the stores. i saw it in my store when i was there looking at other things.

    i think tpf member orodruin (sp?) has one?
  8. I do not know anything about this!! BUT I DO KNOW: that I wish I had not opened this thread cuz now I know I want one.
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing it on someone's bag!
  10. yes it is new and it just came into my store over last week... i got it and i :heart: it !!! so pretty and colourful
  11. I absolutely HAVE to have this!! It is adorable!!!
  12. Could you post a pic of it on one of your bags? How much was it? Thank you!!
  13. OMG that is gorgeous!!!
  14. oh yes sure :heart: but i need to get the digital cam from my collague as mine one is broken.. i will put it on my bag and post the pic once i have got the cam :roflmfao:
  15. Great!!! Cant wait to see!