Anyone know anything about this Chloe bag?


Feb 5, 2006

I think they're called "Molly," but besides that I don't know anything about it! I really like this bag! Especially because it seems to be lesser known. Anyone know what the price is and where I can find it?
Hi Jeanna. I purchased my Molly bag at a Chloe boutique. This is the information on the Chloe tag (although I am not sure of variation by size):

Chloe Molly
06S TU (at very top of tag)
6SSA121-6S404 (style?)
Chocolate (color)
3605800068280 (sku?)


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Do you live in the U.S.? I know the bags have been "spotted" in London. You might try calling Chloe NY to see if the bag is available via the boutique or order. I know Chloe SCP received two and sold both of them almost immediately.