Anyone know anything about the Saks and/or Barneys Beauty Event?

  1. I presold some Natura Bisse at Barneys yesterday (btw the Barneys gift is GREAT, tons of delux samples, unlike Saks/NM, NB gift is like NM's). They didn't have a catalogue (or list) of all their gwps. Does anyone know?

    I haven't received the list/catalogue of gwps from Saks either and apparently they are doing presale as well but I need the list to prioritize my CC.
  2. can't tell you anything about the saks beauty event, but here's info on barney's:

  3. Yea I saw the Barneys gift bag yesterday. It was great, much better than NM/Saks gift bags. I was wondering if anyone had a list of the brands with gwp as well as how much I'd need to spend.
  4. here's a quick list:

    CdP Enriched Protective Cream
    Kanebo Liquid Finish SPF10
    Chanel Beaute Initial multi-protection cream SPF15
    Chantecaille Rose Eye Makeup Remover
    Natura Bisse Neck Cream
    T. LeClerc Serum Specifique Sensibilite
    Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo
    ReVive Youth Recruit
    3Lab h Serum, plus small packet of WW Cream
    NARS double wand gloss w/ Pillow Talk and Turkish Delight
    Sonya Dakar 365 SPF 30
    Fresh Pink Jasmine Bath & Shower Gel packet

    there might be a few variations depending on the store. you have to spend $175 or more to receive the bag. i believe each counter has their own spending minimum with additional gifts too. sounds pretty good to me so far though.