Anyone know anything about the Legacy Signature Shoulder Flap

  1. I was in Nordstroms yesterday and I spotted this beautiful Chocolate Brown Signature Bag. I don't usually go for brown bags but I love he signature pattern and I thought "Wow, that's beautiful".

    I am currently in Starbucks sipping a latte and reading on TPF and I see the woman next to me has the same bag but in a different color. Not as beautiful as the brown but wonderful enough that I kept staring at the poor lady's purse. Thank goodness her back was to me.

    It retails for 498.00 which is way more than I can spend at this point...maybe I can get some help in Feb for my birthday.

    Just wondering is the Choc Brown an old color? It is on the website and listed as Brown. Do I have to worry about this one going away anytime soon...
  2. sorry, i can't help you on whether or not the brown is an old or new color for the bag, but i do agree with you: the brown on brown sig is gorgeous. it's (by far) my favorite color combination for coach sig.
  3. were we just smammed ? What just happened ?
  4. :tup:I have this bag!!!! See my avatar picture! I've had it since Nov.1 and I love her! Its a great bag. I get so many compliments on it. I'm not sure about the brown color going away soon but I do know that my Coach store is out of all the Legacy brown sig bags. If its still on the website, most likely its still available. BUT...I did see in the red book that this bag is coming out in the khaki/white combo in Feburary. Sometimes the winter colors disappear from the website when the newer colors come out. Even if this happens, you could always call JAX and find out how many they have in stock and if you can still order it. Good Luck! I hope you get one.
  5. what's smammed?
  6. Sorry meant to write "spammed" all of a sudden there was an ad for a camera system or something. Mods must have deleted it before anyone else saw it
  7. I saw it too. I was getting ready to post and then after I posted, it was gone. :yes: