Anyone know anything about the fall line??

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I'm looking for a monogram hobo bag, but the ones that are out now I'm not really into. I loved the large wave hobo for awhile, but the fact that it has no zipper turns me off. Do you know if there will be any new monogram hobo styles coming out for the fall?? TIA!! :smile:
  2. The store at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles just opened last week so they have the Fall line in already. I suggest calling them. The 3 times I have been in there they have been very friendly and helpful. (way better then the Beverly Hills store)

    Actually I just walked over there a few hours ago and I had a SUPER SWEET SA helping me. He gave me his card. His name is Jason and his # is 310-652-0375

    I am in LOVE with the new Signoria bag. But it has the floppy top.
  3. you should get the gucci large biba hobo! it has studs on the bottom and ZIPPERS up! it is the PERFECT size and so cute because it slouches... I absolutely love it -- its my first gucci :biggrin:
  4. I am pretty sure both the canvas and Guccissima Biba are on sale
  5. *grumbles* oh well... i would totally ask for a price adjustment but its such a hassle and i probably wouldn't even get one :sad: also, my store only had 2 biba hobos left! i'm 100% sure there won't be any left by the time i go see my SA tomorrow

    but nycgirl, IF you see the biba, YOU SHOULD GET IT!! haha, it is probably on sale like bejwl said, and you would get a fab deal!
  6. heyy! thanks for the suggestion!! i was actually looking at the biba... do u have any modeling pics?? i had in mind a medium AND zippered and i love slouchy hobos too!! :smile: oh and btw, do you happen to know the price of it, with the sales discount??
  7. mine was $1300 CAD and $1500 after 13% tax. the biba online is probably $1200 USD, and since its canvas, it SHOULD be 30% off but I'm not positive. That would mean its around $910 USD in stores right now!! what a GREAT DEAL :biggrin: hurry and get one before they're gone! you should try the bag in stores..i DIDNT like the bag online but in store, I just fell in loveeeeeee with it and knew I had to have it!
  8. hi hun, omg! ur making me want it soo badly!! i saw ur pics in another thread and u look HOT with it! :tup: lol i'm going to the gucci store TOMORROW thats for sure!! besides the biba, i was thinking of the medium horsebit chain hobo..what do u think?? (im not a fan of the large)
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