Anyone know anything about stitches?

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  1. My poor Kittens has been having some problems with her nose lately and last night the vet decided to steal her to do a biopsy. The put disolving stitches in her nose (which make her look like a monster) and sent her home but will she be ok? Is there a chance she could pull them out at all? And if she rubs against things (like my face) is that ok?

    Thank you Ladies!
  2. So the stiches are inside her nostrils? I am kinda surprised that she put a disolving one, but I do not know exactly where... If it is way up in her nostrils, maybe it makes sense. Anyway, without knowing the exact location, there is always a chance she could pull them out... Do you actually see the stiches?
  3. I'm sure she'll be fine. No doubt she will paw at them a little but that's to be expected, they are probably a bit annoying! She would have to work pretty hard to pull them out, I would think.
  4. She should be fine. If you're worried, or if she starts going after them, have the vet put one of those plastic satellite dishes around your kitten's neck.
  5. Your vet is the best one to talk to about your concerns!
  6. Thanks Ladies! Unfortunately I wasn't able to be the one to pick her up from the vet and they explained everything to my father and gave him handwritten instructions, but I still got quite freaked out when I saw little things sticking out of her nose.
  7. If ever she starts to scratch on the stitches, you can ask you vet to put those plastic "lampshades" to prevent the kitten from reaching its nose.