anyone know anything about friends cast these days?

  1. I've just borrowed the whole collection of friends from my bf and i've been home watching old friends episodes b/c i forgot how much i used to love this show!!! such great actors on such a great show. anyone know if the cast sitll gets together sometimes?? it's such a shame that it had to end. i I know i'm a little late on the bandwagon
  2. court. cox and jen aniston still get together all the time... and jen also guest starred on 'dirt...' as for the rest of the cast i'm sure they still get along and see each other at events/ red carpets reguarly... but i don't see the dining together at koi or anything in the pap. shots.

    i know what you mean though... it's sad when you think of them as such a family, and then poof, it's all gone!